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PSP: Super Robot Wars Z 2 SAVE FILE Download

PSP Super Robot Wars Z 2 Cover

Super Robot Wars Z 2, PSP version (aka Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Hakai-hen) was officially released on 14th April 2011, with great response from all over the world. It is the continuation of Super Robot Wars Z in SONY Play Station 2 version. Although the game is solely Japanese, many fans from Asia, Europe, United States still showed their royal support to Super Robot Wars series strategy game.

Opening Menu
Once the game is beaten, it allows the player to replay the game with retain skill points, kill count, and most importantly, money or gold needed to upgrade the mech.

We have a Super Robot Wars Z 2 SAVE FILE here for download. The game is beaten once.

Beat the game once, money and skill points retained is half of all the characters have collected. 
Beat the game twice, you can retain 75% of what the player has collected.
Beat the game thrice, and yes, you can retain 100% skill points and money that you've collected.

Apart from that, you can upgrade your mech/robot's status and weapons from a maximum of 10 Grades to 15 Grades, and make your mech even more powerful than ever.

Download this save file and this is what you will get:

PP Point of 1741 at Level 1, with total enemy kills 436
 You need kill count of 70 to gain Ace Bonus, or in other words, a special ability for the pilot.

Starting Money/Gold at Stage 1

Starting money of 8698930, which is more than enough to maximize your mechs through the stage.

DOWNLOAD Super Robot Wars Z 2 (PSP) Save File

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